Cloud Native Digest: Gateway API v1.1

2 min readJun 3, 2024


Open source projects worth checking out

Grafana Tanka

Tanka is a flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes, developed by Grafana. It is an alternative to using YAML for Kubernetes configuration.


pv-migrate is a CLI tool/kubectl plugin to easily migrate the contents of one Kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaim to another.


Carvel is a set of open-source tools focused on simplifying and streamlining Kubernetes application building, configuration, and deployment.


Seabird is a native cross-platform Kubernetes desktop client that aims to make it easy to explore a Kubernetes cluster’s resources. It provides a simple, bloat-free user interface to visualize common resource types.

Technical recommendations

Mastering Deployments in Kubernetes: Orchestrating Application Rollouts with Confidence

This article outlines the importance of mastering deployments in Kubernetes and how to deploy and upgrade applications with confidence using Kubernetes. The author introduces different deployment strategies such as rolling deployments and blue-green deployments, providing practical tips and best practices to ensure reliability and success during the deployment process. The article also explores leveraging Kubernetes’ automation capabilities to streamline deployment workflows and minimize disruptions and risks.

Graceful shutdown in Kubernetes

This article discusses the importance of implementing graceful shutdown in Kubernetes, particularly for long-lived connections and long-running tasks. The author explains how to use Kubernetes’ lifecycle hooks and graceful termination mechanism to ensure that applications complete unfinished tasks upon shutdown, avoiding data loss or interruptions. The article provides examples and best practices to help readers better understand and implement graceful shutdown mechanisms, thus enhancing the stability and reliability of applications.

What’s new in cloud native

Gateway API v1.1: Service mesh, GRPCRoute, and a whole lot more

Following the GA release of Gateway API last October, Kubernetes SIG Network is pleased to announce the v1.1 release of Gateway API. In this release, several features are graduating to Standard Channel (GA), notably including support for service mesh and GRPCRoute. We’re also introducing some new experimental features, including session persistence and client certificate verification.

Microcks 1.9.1 release

Microcks 1.9.1 was released just 2 months after the previous version, with 30 resolved issues — 25 of which were contributed directly by the community.
The main new feature is the addition of Proxy behavior, including two new dispatchers called PROXY and PROXY_FALLBACK. This allows Microcks to proxy requests to an external backend service.

Other notable enhancements include:

- Ability to use templates in response headers
- Extended usage of JSON pointers to reference arrays/elements
- Support for serializing object query parameters
- Various web app improvements and increased test coverage

Crossplane v1.16

Here are the key highlights of the Crossplane v1.16.0 release:

- High-level Metrics: Providers in the Crossplane ecosystem can now export fine-grained data about the operations they perform on Crossplane-managed resources, enabling better insights.
- Faster Usage Clean-up: Resources protected by a Usage object can now be deleted more quickly using the new replayDeletion field.
- Credentials for Functions: Crossplane now provides a secure way for Composition Functions to authenticate to external systems via a new credentials field.
- Breaking Changes: The crossplane — version flag has been deprecated in favor of crossplane version command.




KubeSphere ( is an open source distributed operating system providing cloud native stack with Kubernetes as its kernel.